electrician license test

Electrician License Test – Use These Tools To Help You Prep

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These electrician license test tools will help you get a passing score.

The electrician license test will be much easier once you use these tools. Most of the electrical exams will be dependent on how well you know the layout of the NEC code book.  It would do you much good to know where the articles are in the book.

1st Electrician License Test Tool

Index cards! Click here to access a free index cards. This test tool helps you memorize the titles of the Articles of the NEC book.  It’s better to use your limited time in the testing center for more important things.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

2nd Electrician License Test Tool

Practice exam books. The practice test book also helps you get to know your code book much better, however, don’t memorize the questions!

Practice exams book gets you in the habit of seeing the way the exam is worded. Legally these practice exam questions cannot be word for word from the exam.  However, the authors of these books have enough experience that they are able to word the exam questions similarly including tricky questions like in the test.

3rd Electrician License Test Tool

Multiple choice answers. A great test tool is looking at the answers.  This method lets you see which ones are more fitting to the questions. Save time in the electrical exam by eliminating wrong answers.

4th Electrician License Test Tool

Get a calculator. Your calculator should have large enough buttons for your fingers. Large buttons prevents you from accidentally hit the wrong numbers. Get a battery operated calculator, not a solar powered one.

Finally, get a calculator that is basic enough to where you won't be confused with fancy symbols. Since they do not allow calculators that can write sentences or make graphics, stick to the basic ones.

Use these tools to prepare for your licensing exam and you will be all set.

electrician license test

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