Use This Study Companion Quizlet to Study for the Electrical Exam

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Quizlet for the electrical exam.

I like to recommend Quizlet to people who are studying because it has many different features that are actually pretty helpful. Especially when you are trying to memorize facts.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

The cool thing about Quizlet is that you can use it on the computer or you can download their app. So during lunch at work, you can whip your phone out and study for 5 - 10 minutes daily. Boom.

Quizlet for the electrical exam

Index cards in Quizlet for the electrical exam

You can make digital index cards. Or you can search for index cards other people put together for the same subject.

Test Yourself

Quizlet allows you to 'test yourself'. One of the ways to see how you are doing is by testing your knowledge.

Use "Learn" in Quizlet for the electrical exam

The feature I like most is their "Learn" feature. You are given a number of multiple choice questions. Quizlet keeps track of the ones you answer correctly, so each time you log in to study, it only asks you the questions you missed before. This helps you learn the information by repetitive exposure.

How to use Quizlet for the electrical exam

Here are some things you can learn and memorize using Quizlet, if you are having trouble making these stick.

  • Electrical Theory
  • Formulas
  • Steps in answering calculation questions
  • Calculations
  • The table of contents of the NEC Book
  • Sections and Articles in the NEC Book
  • Tables and they are used for
  • Anything that you have trouble understanding during your practice exams, seminars, or homework material

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Seminars, workbooks and other sources

A warning though. Don't rely on just Quizlet or any similar websites to help you prepare for the exam. If you are taking our seminar, use Quizlet to help you remember things like what I just mentioned to save you time in the electrical exam.

To join our Group on Quizlet, click here.  It's free to join!

Got any hacks or tips you want to share with the guys? Let us know!

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