Electrical test questions

Electrical test questions – Number 1 tip to beat the timer

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Electrical test questions.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


If we can give you one piece of advice right now is this.  When you sit down for the electrical exam, review ALL of the questions.  Go through to the end.


Review all of the electrical test questions

Why?  This way you can answer the questions you know.  On the flip side, the ones you don't know, mark them! You'll have a tool on your exam screen that let's you flag down questions. 


If you see a question that is too hard or you need to calculate, skip it.  Once you finish going through the entire test, come back to the beginning.


Review the test 2 times

This time, you'll ignore the questions you already answered.   Usually your first answer is the correct answer.  Too many people under stress second guess themselves.  They'll 'fix' the answer and it ends up being switched up for the wrong one!


Start looking up in the NEC the answers for the questions you flagged down.  This run through is going to take a little more time than before.   That's ok.  Just keep your head in the game and stay focused.


By the end of this run, you should still have enough time to do the harder questions.  These usually include table, calculations, and formula questions.  Try not to rush through and remember everything you've studied.  


By now you've seen the entire test at least twice.  There are some questions that may give you hints as to how to answer other questions.  This can help.


Practice electrical test questions from home

Before you even go to the exam, grab a study workbook and time yourself.  Run this drill several times so you know what to look for.  Go through the workbook once and answer what you do know.  On the way, ear mark questions you don't know.  Then run through the book again and so on.


The electrical test questions will not be word for word but they will help, trust us!


Download this table homework pdf.  This helps you learn where important tables are in your code book.

Good luck and let us know if there are any electrical test questions stumping you.


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