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The 13-Day Study Challenge: Mastering Electrical Exam Prep

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Are you gearing up for the Texas Electrical Licensing Exam after taking our 2-day crash course seminar? If so, you're likely aware that success hinges on thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge of electrical concepts and codes. You are also aware that you left the seminar with homework material to help you through this.

To help you on your journey, we introduce the "13-Day Study Challenge," a focused and disciplined approach to ace the exam. In this blog, we'll guide you through this effective study regimen. So grab your handouts, your code book, highlighters and let's get to it.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Day 1-13: Consistent Commitment

The foundation of the 13-Day Study Challenge is unwavering consistency. Dedicate 13 consecutive days to your exam preparation. Allocate 1 to 1.5 hours each day for focused study. During this time, immerse yourself in the subject matter, minimizing distractions. Take a look at the material you were issued at the seminar. It is already broken down for you line by line. Select one or two subjects to study each day.

Why 13 Days?

This timeline aligns with the duration of the challenge, allowing you to cover a substantial portion of the exam material. The seminar is designed to show you the how and why, the homework is designed to put it all into practice. It also encourages a sense of urgency and discipline, which are vital for successful exam preparation.

Create a Study Space

Designate a quiet and organized study space free from interruptions. Ensure you have access to your study materials, including the National Electrical Code (NEC) book, practice exams, homework handouts, highlighters and reference materials.

Study Materials

  • NEC Book: Familiarize yourself with the NEC book's layout and indexing. Know where to find information quickly.
  • Practice Exams: Utilize practice exams to assess your knowledge and identify weak areas.
  • Handouts from the seminar: Everything you need to focus on is listed on that material you were giving in the seminar. Pay extra attention to what we covered in class.

Minimize Distractions

During your study hours, silence your phone, avoid social media, and inform family or roommates of your study schedule. Treat this time as a sacred commitment to your exam success. Act as if you are already in the exam room and focus.

Study Smart, Not Just Hard

Focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization. Ensure you comprehend the "why" behind electrical principles and code requirements. If anything is troubling or confusing you, reach out the emergency phone number and email you were given at the seminar.

Track Progress

Maintain a study journal to monitor your daily progress. Note areas of improvement and concepts that require additional attention. When you go through your homework material, review the areas that need additional review.

Day 14: Review and Reflect

On the 14th day, conclude your 13-Day Study Challenge with a comprehensive review. Revisit challenging topics, take practice exams, and assess your growth. Reflect on your study habits and areas where you excelled or need refinement.

Exam Day Confidence

By completing the 13-Day Study Challenge, you'll enter the exam room with enhanced knowledge, improved time management, and heightened confidence. Your dedicated efforts will pay off as you navigate questions and code references with ease.

The 13-Day Study Challenge is your pathway to exam success. It instills discipline, consistency, and a deep understanding of electrical concepts. Remember, it's not about the quantity of hours you study but the quality of your focus and commitment.

Embark on this challenge, and you'll emerge as a more confident and knowledgeable electrician ready to conquer the Texas Electrical Licensing Exam.

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