PSI electrical exam

When is the best time to take the PSI electrical exam?

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PSI electrical exam


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Guys ask me all the time, you know, 


“When is the best time to take the PSI electrical exam after taking the seminar?”


The answer is a little long, so starting with about five days. Five days to kind of go over some of the notes from the seminar.  And five days to read a few sections of the code book.  


In the seminar we give you a list of articles which are MUST reads. You also need time for a little bit of practice.  Ideally you should maybe dedicate an hour a day or night.  


Then after those 5 days, the longest you want to wait is about 14 to 21 days.  Basically three weeks is really kind of stretching it. Much beyond that you're gonna kind of forget some of the things covered class.  


I mean if you know you’ll forget them by the end of Sunday, then push for no longer than 10 days. 


What if I already scheduled my PSI electrical exam?


Now if you've already scheduled the PSI electrical exam, don't worry about it.  I wouldn't try to cancel anything. It's not going to hurt you.  Worst case, you go in there and see the test.


The PSI electrical exam fee is 78 bucks.  So if you don’t pass the first time it might actually in some ways be good.  If you can afford the $78 that is.


You're gonna have this class and then you're going to have the actual content right behind it and some of the things that we talked about are gonna click.  And then when you go home and start studying it's gonna make a lot more sense. 


So if you've already scheduled I wouldn't reschedule.  At the end of the day it’s a dollar deal for you.


What is the fastest I should take PSI electrical exam?


If you want to reschedule or just schedule the PSI electrical exam, the ten days is going to give you just about enough time.  This way you have time to go through your calculation stuff.  Your code areas that you're going to have to read.  


With the homework material that we give you, you’ll need about 2 weeks at least if you study at a slower pace.  You’ll then also are going to have about a day or so that you're going to need to devote to working on some stuff in your book.  


The only way to do it is to just physically go in your book and make your marks and write your stuff down.  It just takes a short amount of time like an hour. You’ll be pretty good if you take the test between 10 to 21 days but you're gonna have to devote actual time to your homework.


PSI electrical exam seminar in Texas 

Exam Prep Seminar

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Learn more about the seminars in Texas.  Our handouts and notes with practice exam questions are what has helped hundreds of electricians in Texas pass their exam.


Some of the PSI electrical exam handouts are:

  • List of MUST read NEC Articles
  • Calculations
  • Formulas
  • 2 week homework material
  • Notes for your NEC book
  • Areas to highlight in the NEC book
  • & More


The PSI electrical exam material that we provide is specific to the state of Texas.  Learn more or sign up here.


Best of luck!


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