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Acing the PSI Exam: 6 NEC Exam Strategies for Success

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Finding the time to study for the PSI exam can be a huge problem for people who work in the electrical industry. Because of the demands of your job, you might not have much time to study, and the thought of the test itself might make you nervous. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you along the way. With the right study plans,  NEC exam strategies, and hard work, you can confidently navigate the exam landscape and come out on top.

Embrace the 2023 NEC

Stay ahead by acknowledging that TDLR is adopting the 2023 NEC code by September 1st, 2023. While you can take the test under the 2020 code until August, transitioning to the new code is imperative after that. Don’t let a failed PSI exam force you to test with outdated information.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Efficient Question Analysis

When you start the exam, your first task should be to swiftly identify questions that could be time-wasters designed to confuse you. Stay focused and find the questions you can answer confidently. This blog post goes into more detail, check it out.

Stay the Course

Don’t be discouraged if other test-takers finish before you do. Test centers handle exams for various industries, resulting in varying test lengths. Remaining attentive throughout the exam increases your likelihood of success.

Navigate the NEC

Opening the NEC won’t magically provide answers. You must understand how the NEC is structured, grasp its chapters, and learn to navigate it. Prioritize understanding over memorization. Make sure to know the table of contents. This guide will tell more about it, read it here.

Master the Current NEC

The PSI exam is built upon the latest National Electrical Code (NEC). Remember, you can bring a standard printed NEC (softcover), take small pen-written notes, and use NEC tabs. Avoid hardcover NECs, stapled or inserted items, and large chunks of information. Becoming familiar with the layout of the NEC is vital. Read this blog post on how to highlight your book.

Master Essential Chapters

Certain chapters, such as Chapter 2, hold significant weight in the PSI exam. Highlight relevant articles in the table of contents and within the book itself. These articles will be invaluable during the exam.

Be Prepared with NEC Exam Strategies

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