Electrical Exam Prep Tip #103 – Table of Contents

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Tip 103

Helpful Tip # 103
We strongly encourage you to learn to utilize the Table of Contents in the FRONT OF THE CODE BOOK. On the Journeyman's exam for example, 19 questions, a full 25% of your exam will come from Chapter Three items. The table of contents is a MUCH FASTER tool to find these types of questions than the Index could ever be. 

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

A big mistake most test takers make is only using the index of the electrical code book or only using the table of contents for answers during the electrical exam. Learn to use both portions of the electrical code book and also learn the layout of the electrical code book. Knowing the electrical code book will help you save time.  Using the table of contents means you have a better understanding of the layout of the book.

The table of contents can be used as a revision sheet.   In the table of contents, highlight the articles you find yourself reading the most (if you are following an Exam Preparation book).

There lies the map inside the Table of Contents. Tag, mark and highlight the table of contents, we strongly recommend all of our students to make tabs for your table of contents and your index to help you look for keywords during the electrical test. Learn the layout and you'll have a head start over index-users only.

Free Index Cards

To help you learn the table of contents

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