7 Motor Articles to read & Understand

7 Motors Articles to Read & Understand

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In the electrical exam there are several subject areas you will be tested on.  One of the subject areas is Motors.  We all know that article 430 is THE Motors article.  Here are 7 Motors articles to read & understand to help you get started:

T430.22 (E) Duty cycle Service (page 329)

430.22 (E) Other Than Continuous Duty

430.22 E430.32 (A) (page 332) & (C) Overloads (page 333)

430.32 a430.32 c
T430.52 Breakers/Fuses-Motors (page 335)


430.72 (B) Conductor Protection (page 339)

Control Wiring

Maximum Rating of Overcurrent Protective Device in Amperes



T430.248 FLC Single Phase (page 350)


430.250 FLC Three Phase (page 351)

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


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