How to Use your T/H 2014 NEC Book


How to use your tab/highlighted book

The 2014 NEC book will not magically help you pass the exam. The books is highlighted to help you spot the articles that will help you answer questions you will encounter in the electrical exam. The tabs are designed to help you find the articles that are related to the exam questions and the tabs at the top of our book are the table tabs you will need.

Now that you have your book, find exam preparation questions to help you become familiar with the book. We can highlight the books until they are yellow, orange or green from front cover to back cover but if you don't crack it open and practice using it, then the book will not be any good.

Here are some exam prep tips to help you become familiar with your new book:

1. Find practice exam questions. We have a variety of books that will help you prepare for the exam.

2. Look at the Table of Contents and get familiar with the layout of the book.

3. Remember that the grey highlight in the book marks changes from the old edition to the new edition.

4. Pay attention to the table tabs and remember each table has its corresponding article with explanations.

5. Find practice exam questions.  I am repeating this because this step is extremely helpful.


Remember the exam is constantly changing and we update our books as the exam changes so once you buy your book give yourself no more than 3 months to take and pass the exam.


Best of luck!
The Texas Elecrical Exam Team

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