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You Can Now Take the Journeyman Electrician Exam Earlier

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Journeyman Electrician exam qualification update.

Have you seen this update?  As of today, apprentice electricians who want their Journeyman License can take their tests early!

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This just in from TDLR

“Journeyman Electrician applicants can now test early” Instead of waiting until you have 8,000 hours, you can test at 7,000 hours!
Once you pass the test and completed your hours, you will get your license.
“Submitting at least 7,000 hours of on-the-job training will simply allow you to take the examination before reaching the full 8,000 hours required for licensure.”

You still need the full 8,000 hours for your license, but now you can get the test out of way sooner.

journeyman electrician license in Texas

Journeyman Electrician Applications Before Today Required 8,000 hours

Before today, if you wanted to become a licensed Journeyman Electrician, you needed to complete your 8,000.  Once you had those hours, then you had to apply for the license.  Before receiving your license, you had to take and pass the exam.

The great thing about this new update, is that now you can get the exam out of the way before you complete your 8,000 hours.  This way you become licensed as soon as you submit your proof of hours worked!

“Allowing applicants to start testing once they’ve reached 7,000 hours of experience will help us get more Journeymen Electricians to work, faster. . . If they’ve already passed their exams once they’ve completed the required work hours, we can get them licensed – and to work – faster, which is great for them, and great for Texas. Demand for Journeyman Electricians is high, and this will help meet that demand.” said TDLR Executive Director Brian E. Francis.

Master electrician license in Texas

Take advantage of this update and start preparing for the journeyman electrician exam.

This list is going to help you get started today.  If you have not applied for the electrical license, do that first.  Once you submit your application and fee, you’ll be allowed to take the exam.  After you receive your exam post card, schedule your exam with PSI Exams.  Make sure to put together a strong study plan and join one of our seminars in Texas for a better chance of passing.

? How to apply for the license.

How to schedule the PSI Exam.

How to prepare for the exam.

How to sign up for a seminar in Texas.

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Read the full update

This update was announced today via TDLR’s email notifications.  Go to TDLR’s website to read the entire announcement.  It’s also a great idea to sign up for their newsletters while you are at it.   You can also learn more about getting your master license if you are currently a journeyman electrician.

Source: https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/electricians/apply/individuals/journeyman-electrician.htm

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