The Electrician Exam Schedule for the Master & Journeyman License

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Electrician exam schedule.  

Here is the information you need to get your master or your journeyman license.  This information is specifically for the state of Texas.  Feel free to forward this to a friend, co-worker, or your boss.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


Who gives the electrician exam?

PSI exams administers the electrician exam and posts the schedule. When you are ready to take your exam, you will receive a postcard from PSI.  This lets you know that TDLR approved your electrician license application.  


The website for PSI exams is  Make sure to bookmark this website for later.


Do you want to read more about applying for your Journeyman license?
Read more about it here.

Learn how you can apply to get your Master electrical license here.

How much is the electrician exam?

The exam fee changes every few years.  As of the writing of this article, the current fees are as follows:


Exam fee for the Master electrical exam is $78.  Keep in mind that this exam is made up of two portions.  Portion number 1 is the NEC knowledge portion.


Portion number 2 is the calculations portion. Don’t worry though, the $78 covers both portions.

Now, if you are going in for the Journeyman electrical exam, you only have one portion.  This includes the NEC knowledge and calculations.


The fee for the Journeyman exam is also $78.


What is the passing score for the electrician exam?

To pass the electrical exam, you have to get a score of 70%.  


For those of you taking the Master electrical exam, you have two portions to pass.  You must get a 70% to pass the NEC knowledge portion and you must also get a 70% to pass the calculations portion.


What happens if I fail?

Let’s say that you fail the exam. Now what? It’s ok.  You can retake the test.


People retaking the Journeyman exam can schedule for the test and pay another $78.


The ones taking the Master exam only have to retest on the portion they failed.  For example, if you failed the calculations portion, portion two, then you only have to retake that portion.


You still have to pay the $78, whether you are retaking portion one, portion two, or both.


When to schedule the electrician exam

The best time to schedule your test is as soon as you receive your postcard.  Why? Because this creates a deadline for you. A sense of urgency.  


TDLR gives you one year to pass your exam.  After that, time’s up and you must repeat the process.  From square one. 


Many electricians stay on the “exams not satisfied” list for years.  Re-applying, expiring, repeat.


Make sure to schedule out at least 3 to 6 months in advance to give yourself time to prepare.



When to study for the electrician exam

Here is the best part. If you schedule your exam 3-6 months in advance, then you have that much longer to study!


Make a smart study plan for yourself.  Buy workbooks, join a class, or study online.  Whatever you decide to use as your study method, create a routine.


Stick with that routine.  Pay attention to your weak areas and your strong areas.


But most importantly ask for help when you get stuck.  We are here to help!


What version of the NEC is needed?

As of the writing of this article, the current version of the NEC is the 2017 in Texas.


As of September 1, 2020, the test will be based on the 2020 NEC.


Covid-19 Impact on the Electrician Exam Schedule

Covid-19 Updates

No doubt this pandemic we are in the middle of changed a few things.  Constant updates are happening so make sure to visit PSI Exams directly to get the best information on closure, regulations, etc.


To get the most current update from PSI, follow this link:

Important Notice: Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)


To see which testing centers are closed or open, follow this link:

PSI Test Center Closures

*Make sure to select “USA” from the drop down menu, then look for your city/state.*


Thanks for reading!

Got any questions? Send us a message!  Learn more about our seminars in Texas designed to help you pass with ease.


Thanks for reading and stay safe.


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