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PSI Exam Prep Seminar in Austin TX – Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2019

  Live seminar instruction The PSI Exam prep seminar in Austin is led by master electrician & instructor Mr. Tolbert.  He has over 18 years of experience in the electrical industry. These seminars have helped hundreds of electricians pass their electrical license test since 2008. Only 30 Seats Available Why only 30 seats? We want […]

NEC Code Questions

NEC Code Questions In the Electrical Exam & Free Download

NEC code questions in the electrical exam aren’t very different from state to state. Understanding the NEC is your challenge in preparing for the electrical exam. This test is an open book test. You’ll need to know how to quickly spot the Articles & tables in the NEC so you can answer the questions correctly.  […]

Preparing for the Exam for Electricians

The #1 Mistake Electricians Make Preparing for the Exam

If you are going after your electrical license and taking the test soon, make sure to get some practice questions that are specific to the exam. Be aware, however, that when you take the practice exams don’t get too hung up on the exact questions that you see. Don’t focus on memorizing questions and answers. […]

Electrical exam preparation in Texas

Electrical Exam Preparation Strategies for Apprentices

Electrical exam preparation strategies for the journeyman exam may seem a bit difficult but we make it our mission to make things easy for you. Apprentice electricians who are preparing for their electrical exam will need 3 things. PSI Exam Candidate Bulletin Seminars, Practice Exam book & Computer Practice Exam NEC code book Electrical Exam […]

electrical exam prep seminar sale ends sept 23

Electrical Exam Prep Seminar 3-Day Sale Ends 9/23

Where & When Dallas, TX in October 19 & 20. Houston, TX in November 16 & 17. Austin, TX in Nov 30 & Dec 1. 100% Pass, Guaranteed! Our master electrician & instructor will guide you through the process of studying, attacking and passing the exam with confidence from start to finish. Limited Time Offer […]

Electrical Exam Prep

When studying for the electrical exam, don’t make this huge mistake

When you are studying for the electrical exam, don’t make this huge mistake: Avoiding your weak areas. When you’ve mastered a concept or question type, move on to areas that still give you trouble. Everyone has different challenges on the electrical exam. For some, it’s difficult to keep information straight — the same concepts you […]

Texas Electrician Exam

Texas Electrician Exam – Read Everything You Want to Know About It

The Texas electrician exam must be taken by electricians looking to get their license.  TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations) lets you know when they approve your application.   You will get a postcard in the mail after your application is approved.  This means you can now go to PSI Exams to schedule you […]