Re-Taking The Electrical License Test? Do this first.

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“When you go back to retake the exam, how different will the test be from the last time I took it? I’m just trying to figure out how many more questions I have to look up versus what I already had in the test last time. How much time should I let pass when retaking the exam.”

- Question from student who signed up after he failed the exam on his 1st try.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

When you go back to retake your electrical license test, make sure to wait no more than 2 months.  It’s impossible to know exactly how many questions PSI rotates and when. We do however think that the best time to retake the exam is between 1 week to 2 months.

How different will the electrical license test be the 2nd time?


The second time around, you can expect to see up to 70% of new questions.  This means that most of the questions you saw on the first try might not appear this time. Don’t worry though, because you might see 30% of the same or similar questions.

What is the difference the 2nd time around?


I know that the word ‘fail’ is a tough word to see. Especially when you are trying to get your electrical license.  But, there are some good things about retaking the electrical license test.


First, you already know what to expect and have the experience.  When you first sit down to that little pretest like the flags and the stripes, that doesn't matter anymore.  Checking in will be a breeze and you will already know the instructions and rules.


This time around you will have more time to answer the test questions.  You’ll have the same number of minutes but now you’ll know exactly how to manage your time.  As you know, this is crucial to answer all of the questions in the test.


“Leaving unanswered questions count against you.”


Now, since you have already taken the test before, you are familiar with how the computer and the system works.  You’ll be able to mark hard questions faster and return to them later.


This is all to your advantage.  I would not be surprised to see you making 80% or more to be honest. Because I mean that's usually what happens with guys that take it that first time and fail by about 10-12 points.


Here is what you should do before you retake the electrical license test.


  1. Study on the categories you failed up until the day before.
  2. Don’t study until nighttime, spend the evening eating a healthy meal, doing some light exercise and getting some rest.
  3. In the morning have a cup of coffee and maybe study a little bit. But just a little bit in the morning before the test.
  4. Then leave it alone again. And don't even look at it for like the last hour so before you go in that electrical license test center.
  5. Take the scratch piece of paper that they give you.  And brain dump. Pour all of the articles you memorized. Write down the formulas, calculations or mnemonics you memorized.
  6. Take a deep breath and then when you're ready, start your test. 


Seminar that helps prep for the electrical license test

Seminar, Course Book and Home Work!

You know, I’ve seen many guys miss this test by just a handful of points and some as close as 2 points.  It breaks my heart to hear this. There are also electricians who have taken the test 3, 4 or even 5 times before they come to the seminar.


If you fail your electrical license test by more than 5 points, invest in the seminar.  This seminar is specifically for the state of Texas. What’s more, if you don’t pass after taking our seminar, you can return to our seminar for free.


We can help you excel.

Learn more about our seminars that we hold in Austin, Dallas and Houston here.


Best of luck!


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