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Q&A – Do I Need to Prove my Hours to Apply for the Journeyman License?

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Apply for the Journeyman License

I found this question on a page for electricians on Facebook, and was surprised to see many varying answers.  Most of them were correct and some were guessing trying to help.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


“Does anyone know if the 8000 hours are required to be completed with a master electrician to apply for the journeyman license since i know most plants have only journeyman and im thinking about doing industrial and want to get my hours to become a journeyman.”


Here is how you can apply for the journeyman license:


You must complete 8,000 hours in order to be able to apply for your journeyman license.  The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations has a form attached to the application for your proof of hours.


Each electrical contractor must employ and have a Master electrician of record.  If the company you work for does not have one, then that company is not licensed by TDLR as an electrical contractor.


This means that you should be able to reach out to your past employers and ask them to fill out the form.


If you have a copy of your paychecks, you can use these to double check the hours they wrote on the form.  Paychecks will not be accepted as proof though.


The application is pretty straightforward and has everything you need to complete it.  You have to answer honestly and attach as much supporting documentation as needed or required.


Once your application is complete, include your application fee and send it off to TDLR.  TDLR will review your application and within a few weeks (the timeframe varies), PSI Exams will reach out to you.


Electrical Exam for the Journeyman License

PSI exams is the testing company that has a contract with TDLR for the electrical exam.  They send you a postcard telling you that you are eligible to sit for the test.


Once your application has been approved, you have 1 year to take and pass the test.  Many electricians go out and buy a bunch of books and pull out their NEC book. This is a wonderful start, however don’t just stop there.


electrician license test


Passing the Electrical Exam

If you are serious about getting your Journeyman electrician license, save up and invest on a Study Guide, Simulated Practice Tests, or seminars.  These options are straight to the point and show you what to expect in the testing center.


There is no official guide on what to study for the journeyman test. You do have access to the Candidate Information Bulletin but the subject areas breakdown is very vague.


Check out a list of resources and register for one today.  


The point is that if you want to get your journeyman electrician license, you must:


  • Work 8,000 hours under a master electrician
  • Apply for the journeyman electrician license with TDLR
  • Take a live seminar with to prepare for the electrical exam
  • Take and pass the electrical test with PSI Exams


Thanks for reading and good luck!


Prepare. Pass. Excel.


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