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Secret to a Successful Electrical Exam Preparation – Free download

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You may not like it or agree, but here it is

Electrical exam preparation free download.  

This week I want to share a very important tip for a successful electrical exam preparation and a free download. You may not like it, and you may even disagree with me. But bottom line, after doing this for over 14 years this one thing is true.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


This is the first SECRET to passing the Texas Electrical Licensing exam by PSI

There will be no substitute for dedicated and disciplined study of your code and the relevant topics. Sorry. There just ISN’T any silver bullet, like a list of “A’s and B’s” for a cheat sheet in the industry.

We understand the topics, and we TEACH you the underlying parts behind them. But it's ultimately up to you to spend the time that is necessary to read, understand, and navigate the applications of the NEC, and then: practice, practice and then practice a little more.

If you are taking the exam soon, don't wait too long to register for the next crash course seminar. This 2-day crash is everything you need to pass the exam.

Learn more about that here. 

Here are a few blog posts you need to read next before you start preparing for the exam.

Electrical Exam Preparation Free Download #1

In the NEC PSI exam you will encounter many questions that will need to be solved with formulas. Some other will need certain calculations. Make sure to be prepared and get your hands on this electrical exam preparation free download this handy cheat sheet. This is not an extensive list. When you come into the seminar, you'll receive the full list. You'll also get detailed explanation of how to use these and plenty of example questions to practice with.

After the seminar, your homework guide will include many more opportunities for you to practice these formulas and calculations until they become second nature. Download this cheat sheet here.

Electrical Exam Prep Formulas & Calculations Cheat Sheet

Electrical Exam Preparation Free Download #2

Most of the electrician license exam questions will be based on code and electrical theory. This electrical exam preparation free download covers some of the important articles to read for the NEC code test.

This download is a preview of the materials covered in the electrical exam prep seminar.  Make sure to read, highlight, and understand the articles in this "Important Articles to Read for the NEC code Test Prep" electrical exam preparation free download.

"Important Articles to Read for the NEC code Test Prep"

Electrical Exam Preparation Top Ten Exam Tips

Before you start tearing into your book, make sure to gather your new electrical exam preparation free downloads and keep them together in a folder or notebook. Also, swing by our blog post "Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the Electrical Exam" We have taken some of the most preventable mistakes electricians have made when taking the exam. This is going to save you a few headaches.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the Electrical Exam

We hope this helps get you started. If you are truly serious and intent on passing the electrical license exam, register for the 2-day crash course today and get that license in your pocket.

"I wanted to thank you. I took your course last August. The study guide I was sent home with help me tremendously in my preparation for my exam. Yesterday I took and passed the Journeyman exam in Dallas. Once again thanks. " Richard M


Learn about the exam prep seminars

This 2-day seminar will guide you step-by-step on the formulas, calculations, code sections, index practice, and guides that are essential knowledge for passing the exam.

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