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The Beginner-Friendly Guide To Passing the Electrician Exam
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Effective October 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the

2023 NEC Code Book

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If this is the first time taking the electrician license exam for the state of Texas, no doubt you are overwhelmed. We have several blog posts that can guide you through some of the first things you should do to prepare. But this article is about two very helpful things you can do while you study so you can be all set for the actual test.  You'll be able to bring your softbound NEC book and you are also allowed to mark it up and tab it. Here are some things you should do with your NEC book to be prepared.

Tip Number 1 - Highlight Your NEC Book

NEC book for the electrician exam

Get yourself a few different highlighters.  When you are going through the seminar homework, highlight the keywords only. Do not highlight the entire sentence or paragraphs. Highlighting the entire sentence or paragraph will only make things harder for you.

This is where the different colors come in. You want to use one color to highlight titles or sections. The second color will be for keywords. This way in the test, you can easily spot words that can help you answer code questions.

Tip #2 - Read the Questions Forwards & Backwards

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

This tip is not necessarily something you can do to your NEC book but this tip is very important. Read the question backwards so you truly understand what they are asking you and to make sure you have found the correct section of the NEC book.

Sometimes when you are in the testing center pressed for time, you'll feel pressured to rush through the questions. This is a big mistake as many electricians answer incorrectly this way.

So remember to read the questions forward and backward.

Tip # 3 - Open the Table of Contents

articles to highlight for your exam

I urge you to use the table of contents as much as you can.  If you have any question that that looks like a wiring method or wire material, a chapter three thing, that table of contents is so much better to try to use than the index at the back of the book.

Also, write your notes on one of the blank pages. But make sure to write that blank page's number in the table of content next to the article so you can remember you have it!

So remember, use the table of contents of the NEC especially for wiring method or wire material.  Draw a star next to it or highlight it so that you can quickly spot it during the test.


We hope these tips help. Feel free to browse around the blog for more or enroll in the next exam prep seminar.

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