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Taking the electrical exam tomorrow? Read these tips

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Are you taking the electrical exam tomorrow?

Here are some last minute tips for the electrical exam.  If you are taking the journeyman license exam, you can skip tip #3.  Hope these help!

Taking the electrical exam tomorrow

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Electrical exam prep tip #1

The one thing you do need to remember is you need to get some good rest tonight. So at some point you need to cut this off and put it down. Because if you've spent a lot of time looking at the material you'll lose sleep and won't be able to think well tomorrow at the test. So you've got to trust in yourself now. Especially if you attended the seminar. At this point give yourself enough time to relax.

Electrical exam prep tip# 2

When you get to the testing center don't be the first person in the door. Be one of the last persons. Don't get me wrong, don't be late. But don't be the first person there because if you're the first person and there's a bunch of other people that are waiting behind you, they're going to be checking your book page by page and being as strict as they can be. But if you're the last person they're about to go on break and couldn't care less. Not that you have anything to hide but this is going to help minimize your anxiety levels.

Electrical exam prep tip#3

Also if they give you plans when you go in for the master license exam definetely follow this tip. When you first sit down, your math is the first thing you'll go through. But don't start the math part of your test until you've spent some time going through those plans.

In other words if you wait for the time clock to start and then dig through those plans but you haven't looked at them yet, you're giving yourself kind of a disadvantage. But they have that little pretest in the beginning of the exam where they're asking random questions like how many square miles are there in the US and things that nature, ignore that. That section doesn't matter as long as you put your social security number in there and hit the start button. That first little pre-test which does not count for you or against you is like a minute window.  Use that time to look at those plans to get familiar with them.  You won't necessarily know what questions they are going to ask you but that's the time to invest in kind of figuring out the layout of them.Austin Exam Prep seminar March 14 and 15 2020 don't miss it

Bonus: Electrical exam prep tip

Get your mind ready for the math portion after you've reviewed the plans.  When you end the math portion it will automatically start the code section. That code section will be so fast you'll run out of time if you're not careful. So on the math part, if you have to use the restroom or get up or stretch or anything you have to do, do it while the clock is still running on your math. Because if you don't, you just won't have any time after that second part starts.

We hope these last minute tips help.  If you aren't taking the exam tomorrow, make sure to check out the 2-day seminars in Texas.  This is truly the best way to pass the exam.

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