Question & answer exam memorization, does it work?

Question and Answer Exam Memorization

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Exam memorization is a tricky thing.  Some things are great to memorize but you should not waste time memorizing questions and answers.

We have gotten many calls lately asking us if we provide a question answer memorization style of teaching.  The short answer is no.  We do not believe in handing out the fish.  We believe in teaching our students how to fish.  That and this isn't high school, we aren't studying for a history exam.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

booksUnfortunately, there are organizations still out there whose philosophy remains the same since before 2008.  Why  specifically 2008?  In Texas the electrical exam changed drastically that year.

Before that change, the exam was fairly easy to pass.  Back then memorization was possible and could result in a passing score.  Since the change, the content changed. So did the level of difficulty.  On top of that, the contractor delivering examinations was replaced with PSI.

To say that memorizing a series of questions and answers and successfully passing the exam is not only misleading but a waste of time.  Use your time wisely. Spend time preparing properly for the exam to give you a solid chance at passing. Time is wasted on memorizing questions you may not ever see during an exam.

Exam Memorization

As we have discussed in this blog before, PSI and TDLR they have designed the exam to avoid such things as copying, memorization, and exposing information from the exam.  In the first place sharing such information is punishable to those who are caught by having their licenses revoked.

Second of all the library of questions is hugely immense that if you were to take the exam 10 times over the chances of you encountering the same question twice is very unlikely.  Please note that I didn't say completely impossible, but do you really have the time and money to invest in a highly risky method of preparing for the exam?

Question & answer exam memorization, does it work?

Question & answer exam memorization, does it work?


Of course, we can share this advise with you, but in the end it is up to you what you choose to do with this information.

Like any good friend we are here for you in case that you need to retake the exam.  We will never say, " told you so".  If you do succeed with such method, please accept our congratulations and thank the lucky stars the odds were in your favor.


Best of luck and feel free to browse our website for resources, information and more.



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