Electrician test book hacks for the Texas exam

Electrician Test Book Hack To do Right Now with Short Notes

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Electrician test book.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

When you go take your electrician license test, you are allowed to bring your code book in. There are a few rules though.

The book, in Texas at least, must be softbound.  Your tabs must be permanent, not post it notes. And highlights are allowed as well as short notes.  Let’s clarify and talk about the brief notes that are allowed to be written in your NEC book.  

what is allowed in the PSI Texas electrician exam.

You can download your copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin for Electricians here.


Notes in the Electrician Test Book

As far as the brief notes go, basically the rule is that you CAN write in your book. They just don’t want you to have a whole page of keyword cheat sheets in the very back in the blank pages.  


Also, they really don’t want you to have sticky deals that you just slap on the back your book with any additional details.


Back in the day many guys would do all sorts of things that helped them pass the exam.  Some would turn their softbound books into spiral books.


They would go down to Office Depot and for five bucks turn their books into spiral-bound book. Others would spiral them with additional pages slipped in there, you know, before the spiraling process began.


Now we know why spiral bound books aren’t allowed anymore.  You can’t bring in a ring binder copy of the NEC either.


How to Write Notes in the Electrician Test Book

So when in doubt on the handwriting stuff, limit your notes to about a single note per article that you write about.


For example, if you’re gonna do steps for your calculations, like we go through the seminars. Just write the steps next to the article that they go to so that they’re kind of spread throughout.  This way your notes are not all on one page.


And the other thing, if you’re gonna write notes on your book, try to write toward the inside column. There is a lot of empty space in the columns closer to the spine. This will save you some headaches when it comes to the exam.  


Pencil or Ink Notes in the Electrician Test Book?

The final note that I’ll tell you about this is to just make sure you don’t write anything in your book in pencil or blue ink.  Most of the testing centers will give you their blue colored pen. Or they’ll give you a pencil. Writing in black ink only is the safest bet.


This way you don’t have anything written in your book that they might accidentally mistake as something that you wrote down during the test.  It’s really not worth the risk.


tips on how to get your electrical code book


Electrician Test Prep Seminar in Texas

Come to the seminars if you are in the Texas area.  These seminars help you prepare for the Texas electrical exam by covering only subjects specific to this state.


Here is the new schedule for the electrical exam prep seminars in Texas.

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Learn more or register here.


Thanks for reading and best of luck!


Seminars in Texas – Calendar

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