5 Brilliant Ways To Use the NEC Book for the Electrical Exam

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There is one thing you can take in to take the electrical exam and that is the NEC book. Pass the journeyman or master exam with it, we show you how.  The NEC book is a great ally on the field and in the testing center.  The only downside is that the books is very large and is written in “legaleze”.  Don’t worry, we have 5 brilliant ways to use the NEC book for the electrical test.  Apply one or all and you’ll be set in the right direction for studying and taking the test.

1.  Learn the table of contents

2.  Highlight keywords not the entire text

3.  Tab articles on the sides and tables on the top

4. Each table has a corresponding article & notes, make note of that

5. Add pages to the articles you encounter in your study time and also in the index

  • The index is a great way to find articles but they aren't numbered.  Read more here.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

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