10 Best Practices For the Electrical Exam

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Let's crack open the NEC book and start applying these tips.

When preparing for the electrical exam, don't just focus on the NEC book or practice questions. There are many other things to deal with and here are some tips. Make sure to visit our blog to read more articles.

Tip # 1 Get good rest
Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine the night before.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Tip #2 Make a planner
The best thing you can do is break up the subject categories and give yourself a week or two to practice each one.

Tip # 3 Table of contents can be used as a revision sheet
In the table of contents, highlight the articles you find yourself reading the most (if you are following an Exam Preparation book).

Tip # 4 Brain dump at the exam
If you are given a scratch sheet of paper, dump everything you have in your brain, formulas, calculations, article numbers, ohm’s law into that piece of paper as soon as you sit down.

Tip # 5 Only highlight keywords not the whole book
Stick to only highlighting major keywords, articles, tables and terms/articles in the index.

Tip # 6 Download your state’s examination bulletin.
We have the Texas examination bulletin on our website for you to download. This tells you what subjects will be in the exam, thus telling you what to focus on.

Tip # 7 Do not try to memorize exam questions.
Use your memory for something more useful like calculations, formulas or memorize important articles in the book.

Tip # 8 Highlight your index and add page numbers as you go.
Besides highlighting your index, make sure to add page numbers as you go.

Tip # 9 Highlight the article and sections that belong to the tables you highlight.
Remember each table has a corresponding article that explains how to use the table and includes other notes and sometimes exceptions.

Tip # 10 Use several different highlight colors to differentiate from sections, articles, exceptions, and keywords.
Circle in red or highlight in pink each part heading (marked with Roman Numerals, I, II, IV, etc) of every article and write that numeral at the top of the page.

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