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Top NEC Code Test Tables to Look For & Highlight

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NEC Code Test Tables.

There are many tables in your NEC book. Only a few of the tables are important for the NEC code test.  If you are getting ready to take the electrical exam in Texas, keep reading!

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


Stick to the end because below is a homework sheet with the top tables to learn, highlight, and tab in your code book.


First, lets go over some tips.  These tips are from the Texas Electrician Testing prep seminar.  If you're interested in learning more, click here.

Texas Electrical Exam in Austin TX Pass the Test the first time Highlight Your NEC Book

NEC Code Test - Table Tip 1

Take time to familiarize yourself with these tables. It doesn't matter if you are taking the journeyman or master exam. You’ll need to know these tables either way. The only difference is what you will have to do with these tables in the exam. The master exam will have more complex questions in regards to these tables.


Understand what these tables do. Learn how to work them. Also know how they apply to the articles and test questions.

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NEC Code Test - Table Tip 2

Always use a ruler or straightedge. If you're using the table values, especially the ones that have such a dense amount of material, you'll need one.  You also need them for the tables that are spread all across the page. For example, the tables back in Chapter 9 or Chapter 4.


There's nothing worse in the world than to know exactly how to answer a question yet get it wrong. Even if you know what table it is you're supposed to reference. Why does this happen? Maybe because you just let your fingers slip down accidentally or your eyes are tired.


Use a straight edge!



You'll get a piece of scratch paper when you walk into the exam room with your name. You can just double that over and use it if they have nothing else to use as a straightedge.

NEC Code Test - Table Tip 3 & Homework

If you have 20 minutes to go through these tables real quick, do it! Make sure you get them highlighted. Also make sure you know what page numbers they are in. Download this free printable when you subscribe to our newsletter. This printable will pop up as a pdf file. You can print it or save it to your computer for later.

Here are SOME of the tables that you need for the electrical NEC code test:

110.28 Enclosure Selection
220.12 Lighting Demand Loads
310.4 (A) Conductor Applications & Insulations
250.66 GEC for Alternating Current Systems
Chapter 9 Table 4


Download your code table homework printable, click here.


Thank you for reading! For a sure way to prepare and pass for this NEC code test, learn more about our seminars in Texas.

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