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Why you have back pain & how to fix it

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Back pain is very common for electricians.  I don't have to tell you that your body goes through rigorous activity in a daily basis.  But there is something you can do about that. Keep reading.

This week we are going to pump the brakes on the testing stuff for a moment and focus on the "Excel" part of our name.

There are a scary amount of electricians on the field with a very common problem that we almost never talk about.

Back pain.

Last month I put on my journalist hat and asked around a few questions. And what I found was pretty sad.

Do you have back pain from working on the field?
Answers like "It comes with the job" got me thinking. Just because it comes with the job, it doesn't mean we have to suffer through it.

I get that we have families to take care of and gotta pay the bills, but do we really have to sacrifice our bodies?

Rafael Ortiz, a corrective exercise trainer in Austin, TX agreed to let me share an e-book he put together for you.


back pain for electricians

So if you have back pain, like most of us do, grab a copy of this e-book. It's free and it includes a video with some stretches to do.

Rafael will periodically pop in and post some guest articles on our website and make more videos that can help us with the tightness.

So, do you have back pain or any other type of pain that comes from the field? How do you manage that?


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Stretches for back pain e-book

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