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When studying for the electrical exam, don’t make this huge mistake

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When you are studying for the electrical exam, don't make this huge mistake:

Avoiding your weak areas.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

When you’ve mastered a concept or question type, move on to areas that still give you trouble.

Everyone has different challenges on the electrical exam.

For some, it’s difficult to keep information straight — the same concepts you knew during study sessions go missing and everything gets jumbled.

For others, budgeting time is an issue. They may have trouble focusing on the test and run out of time, or get stuck on a question and feel unable to move on.

When you are aware of your specific challenges, it’s easier to identify test-taking strategies and allocate your study time accordingly to solve them.

Your electrical exam prep time and stamina is precious, so use every ounce of energy to attack your weakest areas and turn them into strengths.

We know it’s not always fun to struggle through the most difficult question types, but your score won’t improve if you focus only on the areas in which you’re most comfortable.

How are you going to know what your weak areas are?

You have several options:

1st. you can go to a seminar. You take practice exams and a lecture from the instructor. If something doesn't stick, ask questions!

2nd. get a practice exam book! Quiz yourself. Whatever you miss, that's a strong indicator that your weakness lie in that category.

3rd. join an online practice exam program. You get access to hundreds of questions based on the test you are taking. After each simulated exam, you get a breakdown of what you missed AND a report of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

You aren't alone. There are options out there. All you have to do is start. NOW.

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