What’s in the Exam?

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This is probably the top question on your mind.  You probably want to know exactly just what is on the exam.  Even if you have taken the exam before you may not have a good idea of what subject areas are in the exam due to traps and question misdirection.

Each state examiner like the PSI, ICC or Prometric posts an information bulletin on their website with a table of the areas and contents that you will be tested on.  If you notice below you will see that they don’t really give you enough information to understand how to break the subject areas down into a useable study guide.    That is what we do for you at the Live Texas seminars.  We break down the subject areas sections by section until you have all 22 categories clearly outlined with the corresponding articles, tables and information notes.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


image articles and sections in the PSI

The subject areas the state gives you is still too evasive for most students to truly understand what type of questions fall under each category.  We have seen so many students try to develop their own study strategy only to be shocked that the test content is completely different.

A Journeyman’s exam may have only two questions maximum from Article 450, yet may spend days pouring over that section.  Chapter 5 has a total of approximately 15 known question that are pooled for Journeyman exams, with around 4-6 asked on a particular exam, yet this chapter is 160 pages long.  Whereas Chapter 2 is only 93 pages in length, over 175 different questions have been known to pop up on various state exams.  This clearly shows the importance of sticking to a solid study strategy.


Link to the PSI Examiner Bulletin JE/ME


Our seminar gives you the complete breakdown, not only do we show you WHAT is on the exam, but we show you HOW to answer and WHERE to find it on the National Electrical Code Book.


As always best of luck and call or e-mail if you have any questions.

Nancy Valdez

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