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Watt’s Up October 9, 2023

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Here is Watt’s Up in the Industry

Fire Prevention Week™ is October 8–14th!

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Drone Use Continues To Rise on Job Sites

Drones and associated technology continue to emerge as useful assets in environments where access to electrical equipment and proximity to high voltages, hot equipment and more pose safety risks to personnel. Drones may be designed with payloads to carry equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras, for monitoring of electrical equipment in environments that would otherwise be difficult to access or pose a significant safety risk.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

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Texas Electricians Earn the 11th Least in the U.S.

For anyone seeking a promising career option with plenty of opportunity in the next few decades, becoming an electrician would be a good choice.

Electricians can enter the field without four-year degrees and can instead opt for a less expensive trade school education or an apprenticeship that allows them to earn while they hone their skills. Demand for electricians’ services is already strong, but the field also has bright prospects given recent technology and policy shifts.

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$45,000 worth of wire stolen from Mardi Gras Southeast Texas

VIDEO: Mardi Gras Southeast Texas has suffered a costly theft totaling $45,000. The non-profit organization reported it had 2,600 feet of cord/wire stolen on October 3. “This senseless theft was done to strip the copper from the wire and sell it for money,” said Laura Childress, president of Mardi Gras Southeast Texas Beaumont. “This is especially devastating for several reasons. We are a nonprofit that supports charities in our community and have no employees to help us with repairs, as we are a volunteer organization.”

Read more at KFDM-TV CBS/CW+/FOX 6 Beaumont


Unraveling Electrical Exam Strategies: Navigating Indirect Definitions

Are you preparing to tackle the challenges of an electrical license exam? Amid the sea of codes and regulations, questions involving definitions can often pose a unique puzzle. Don’t fret, because we’re here to unravel the secrets of navigating exam questions that use indirect definitions. Let’s dive into some valuable tips to ensure your success. In the world of indirect definitions, context is your guiding star. When faced with a question that seems to be concealing an indirect definition, examine the surrounding context.

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