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Watch For INSTALLATION Clues and Similar Type Circuits

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Here is an excerpt for the Crash Course Book, you can get one from the Texas Live Seminars:

"THE SINGLE LARGEST MISTAKE WE SEE TIME AGAIN, is the feeling that because this is an open book exam, AND because you have a Key Word Index in the back, ANYONE can look up the answers. That’s simply just Not true. Many key words are more in the CONTEXT of the question, or in the INSTALLATION CLUES than there are truly bold-outright words in the test question. If you are weak in the bedrock articles, 210, 220, 240, 250, 300, and 310, you will simply miss many questions on wild goose chases. The index is a trap. Sneaking in a key word index will NOT help you on this new exam approach.

They intentionally use words that are “similar, or specific type of examples” rather than the ACTUAL key word.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


"where combinations of signal circuits and electronic ballast lighting are run together”…..

What the article that answers that question states is:

“where control wiring circuits and power circuits are run together…”

Notice that they did not even use the same words. They are good examples of TYPES of circuits, but it takes a certain understanding that can only be derived from experience and careful attention to detail, that a simple key word test would require.

Don't fall for thinking that the index included in the 2014 NEC® code book is complete or even easy to use, especially in an exam. The test authors intentionally use key words in their test questions that are not listed in the index. Furthermore, the layout of the NEC® index is similar to the Military's way of listing things... Simply put, it may make sense to somebody, but it sure doesn't make it easy for the average test taker to navigate through."


The Live Texas Seminar is designed to show what is on the exam, how to answer and where to find the answer in the 2014 NEC book. We have been teaching these exams since 2007 and have done so much research. Come see why hundreds of electricians keep coming back for the next license. Come learn from the best and finally get the license you applied for.

Don’t just study, Excel!

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