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Understanding Motor Tables in the National Electric Code Book

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One very important aspect of the NEC exam is the Motor Tables, which provide essential information for sizing and protecting motors.

The Motor Tables in the NEC book are designed to help electricians select the correct motor for a specific application, based on the voltage, frequency, and full-load current of the motor. The tables also provide information on the minimum wire size and overcurrent protection devices required for each motor, ensuring that the motor is protected from damage and ensuring safety.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

It's crucial that electricians have a good understanding of the Motor Tables in the NEC book, as this knowledge will be useful in a wide range of electrical questions, from residential to commercial and industrial settings.

If you are looking to improve your understanding of the Motor Tables in the NEC book for the exam, there are many resources available, such as textbooks, courses, and comprehensive study guides.

By taking the time to study and practice, you can save yourself some time during the exam and build the confidence you need to effectively use the Motor Tables in test.

Here are some motor tables to tab, highlight, and note in your book for the electrician license exam.

Electrician Exam Schedule

Review the following Motor tables:

  • T430.7(B) Locked-Rotor Indicating Code Letters (motor LRC letters)
  • T430.22(E) Duty-Cycle Service (feeders for other than continuous duty)
  • A430.32(A)(1) Separate Overload Device
  • A430.32(C) Selection of Overload Device
  • T430.52 Maximum Rating or Setting of Motor Branch-Circuit Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protective Devices (over current protection... breakers & fuses)
  • T430.248 Full-Load Currents in Amperes, Single-Phase Alternating-Current Motors (single phase FLA table)
  • T430.250 Full-Load Current, Three-Phase Alternating-Current Motors (three phase FLA table)


👀 Notice that the middle group have a logical breakdown of the motor table numbers: 22-32-52


Hope this helps - thanks for reading!

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