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Tutoring Session: 3 Tips for the Master Electrical Exam

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Tutoring take-aways

Master electrical exam tips from the latest tutoring session below. Most students pass the exam the first time after taking the Texas live seminar. But some don't. And that's ok because the test is actually pretty hard.  Also, we stick with all students until they pass their exam.

When they can't return to the seminar for a free re-take, they have the option to sit down for a couple of hours and iron out whatever tripped them up.  Here are some takeaways from the latest tutoring session for the master electrical exam.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

electrical exam prep course

Master Electrician Exam Tip #1

You've got plenty of time when it comes to math. They give you 33 questions but you only get graded for 30 of them. Out of those 33 they give you enough time that it comes out to like five minutes per question. So take your time on those.  Don't be in too much hurry. You have enough time to be able to read those questions and go back and work them out.

First ask yourself, "what kind of question is this?" and for this example it's a load calculation question. Then ask, "what is it they are asking"?  Ask yourself that because it's not always an installation question. They may not be asking you how to install.  They may be asking how do you calculate them.

Then your next question is almost always in this case, "is this a branch or is this a feeder"? Because that's really kind of the two components that we could be doing a load calculation in. And then if you determine it's a branch, well then branches could be a lot of different things. They could be asking a motor branch question. Or they could be asking bunch of different things like ranges, dryers, or whatever.

So take your time. Read the questions, and find out exactly what it is they are asking you.

Master Electrician Exam Tip #2

You also have to worry about another two real big key terms that they throw around a lot in the electrical exam.  These key terms are the difference between what we would call a "connected load" and a "demand load".

Electrical Excel

Master Electrician Exam Tip # 3

When it comes to Ohm's Law, just FYI, remember there's only two formulas you have to worry about.  The first one is PIE and the second one is EIR.  Remember:

P= Watts

I= Amps

E= Volts

R=  Ohm's


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