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Electrical test question.


This year we saw the same questions pop up on our analytics page.  The recurring theme being that electricians need help knowing how to take the test and how to prepare for the test.


If you are in the early stages of preparing to take the electrical test, this article is for you!  


Take a moment to learn more about our seminars in Texas. (Don’t worry, this link opens in a new page so you can read about the seminars after you finish reading this post.)  The instructor specializes in only going over the material in the test. We leave the fluff out and razor focus on the important stuff.


When you apply for your electrical license in Texas you only have 12 months to pass the test.  Don’t forget that you have a life outside of this ordeal and time flies. With these two in mind, give yourself at least 6 months to study and prep.


Electrical Test Question #1 How can I schedule and pay for the exam?

You can schedule and pay for the exam with PSI Exams online.  We created a ‘how to video’ to help you navigate the website.


At the time of this article, the cost of the exam is $78 each time you take the test.  Watch the step-by-step video by following this link.

Electrical Test Question #2 What if I need to retake my exam?

If you don’t pass the exam the first time, don’t panic.  The first time pass rate is very low, especially if you take the exam without help.  So, you are in the majority.


First, hang on to your score report.  This tells you what subject areas you are weak in.  With this information, you can hit the books and go over those types of questions.


Second, reschedule your test.  There is no waiting period to retake your electrical exam, in Texas at least.


Third, if you can, sign up for our seminar, or at least some sort of exam prep course. If that’s not an option for you, you will have to hit the books until you understand the material that caused you to fail.


Fourth, learn the best way to answer as many questions as you can without running out of time.  Any unanswered questions at the end of your test will count against you.  If you have to make an educated guess in the end, you may end up passing.  Read more about that here.

It's important to hang on to these "fail" score reports that PSI gives you after your exam because we can tell you exactly what to focus on based on that score report.

It's important to hang on to these "fail" score reports that PSI gives you after your exam because we can tell you exactly what to focus on based on that score report.

Electrical Test Question #3 What is the approved book I can take into the test center?

For the test in Texas, you are allowed to bring in the current version of the NEC book.  The book must be softbound. They will not accept the hardcover book nor the binder book.


Any other reference guides like the Ugly’s book etc, are not allowed.


Electrical Test Question #4 How can I find keywords in the NEC book?

This one is a great question.  We have electricians come to us completely lost in this 900+ page book.  Finding the keyword of a question in the NEC book is half the battle.  


The electrical test question format is multiple choice.  Or, as we like to call it, multiple guess. You have to pay attention to instructions for each question.  


We wrote an article on how to answer multiple choice questions and you can read it here.


We strongly encourage you to learn to utilize the Table of Contents in the FRONT OF THE CODE BOOK. On the Journeyman's exam a full 25% of your exam will come from Chapter Three items.   Read the full article about using the table of contents of the NEC here.

Electrical test question

Electrical Test Question #5 Are Highlighted books allowed when taking the electrical exam? 

Your softbound NEC code book can be highlighted for the electrical test.  You can also add tabs that will not come off the pages. In Texas, short notes are allowed.


Be careful not to make a mess of your book though.  You don’t want to start panicking in the middle of the test when your entire book starts looking pink!


Here are some tips on how to properly tab, highlight and annotate your nec book for the electrical test.

Electrical Test Question #6 What are the most common formulas and equations that will come up in the NEC exam? 


Yes, now we are getting into what to expect in an electrical test question.  This subject alone takes about half a day in our seminars. I created a cheat sheet you can download right now


Get your hands on the most common formulas & calculations for the electrical exam.


Right off the bat you already know Ohm’s law and PIER are essential. Check out the pdf file for all the others.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Electrical Test Question #7 Where can I find free electrician exam questions and answers?

Our seminars include practice electrical test questions and answers.  Since your test is computer based, we also have an online practice exam questions to work on after the seminar.  This is included in tuition.


For now though, we have a download on the sidebar for you so you can start studying for the electrical exam.  


Don’t get too hung up on the questions.  The practice electrician test questions will help you start getting familiar with the NEC book.  Taking practice questions also gets you ready by seeing how the questions are asked and worded.


Time yourself when you take these practice questions.  Can you answer each question in under 3 minutes? Can you find the keywords? Are you able to perform the necessary calculations?

exam preparation kit for the electrical exam

If you are in the Austin, Dallas or Houston area, you can’t go wrong when attending our 2-day seminar.  Learn more about it here or send us a message if you have any questions.


We hope this article has helped and keep the questions coming!


Best of luck!


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