Electricians studying for the electrical exam need quality food and exercise

Top 5 Health Tips for Electricians Taking the Exam

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Electricians studying for the electrical exam have stress.  You have work and home life to worry about on top of studying for a demanding test.  Here are some top tips to help you stay sane and healthy while taking on the electrical exam.  

Top 5 Health Tips for electricians taking the exam

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Electricians do a lot of work with their bodies in demanding and awkward positions.  What would you say is the best type of exercise for electricians in general?

I know some electricians work in very tight spaces, so I would definitely work on stretching low back, shoulders/neck, and knees. After that I would do a few mobility exercises such as a front to side raises to move the shoulder around. An exercise like a high row is great to open up the chest and to get good posture. Floor bridge and ball squats will help with your knees, quads, and glutes.  Over-all ensure your core is very engaged for a great quality of work!

Start with Stretches:

    • Low-back stretch
    • Shoulder stretch
    • Neck stretch
    • Knee stretch

Finish with Exercises:

    • Front to side raises - targets the shoulder
    • High rows - opens up the chest
    • Floor bridge 
    • Ball squats


What are the best foods for electricians taking the exam? Is there anything they can add to their diet for information retention?

I would stay off the booze. I know, I’m not fun lol.  But I would eat steamed vegetables, stick to veggies you like. Also, lean meats like any white fish, or chicken breast would also do good. Eating this will help you lose weight, but it will also help you with good energy. Drink plenty of water for clarity. Most of the time water is a huge key element for mental focus.

    • Avoid alcohol
    • Eat steamed vegetables
    • Choose lean meats
    • Drink lots of water


What types of exercises are best for electricians taking the exam who are trying to keep their brains engaged in what they are learning?

Go for a quick cardio workout every day.  The more oxygen you have in your brain the better your thought process will be.  Cardio can help you get “in the zone” and you’ll be able to process and analyze information better.  You can try running, swimming, or a quick HIIT workout.


Why is exercise and diet important and helpful when studying?

It keeps the mind clear and clean.  When you eat a lot of processed foods your body tends to feel very sluggish. You won’t feel like doing anything but take a nap.  For best results in retaining information, eat your fruits and vegetables, lean meats and grain. 

Drink plenty of water especially when you wake up. Your body has been dehydrated for about 7-8 hours. So the first thing in the morning when you go to the kitchen is drink about 10 Oz of water. That will set your tone on how your thought process will go. 

  • Eat fruits & vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Grain
  • Drink plenty of water


What advice do you have for electricians taking the exam?

Sleep a good 6-8 hours, relax, workout, and eat healthier foods! That’s the secret of most successful people - they eat good foods, they get quality sleep, and they train. These are your key ingredients for a great discipline for yourself. 

Great discipline on yourself allows you to be your very best and allows you to think big! You got your application approved, good!  Now let’s work on the next level and separate from the rest!

  • Sleep 6-8 hours
  • Relax
  • Workout
  • Eat healthier foods

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