Tip #139 Review All Questions in the Electrical Exam

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One of the true and tried pieces of advice I can pass along to you is to review all of the questions in the electrical exam and do the following:


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

  1. Answer the questions you know - without a doubt- get them out of the way.
  2. Mark or tag the questions you might know but aren’t sure and need to reference the NEC book for the answer.
  3. Skip the ones that are too hard then come back to those after you answer the ones you marked.

Why should you answer, mark and skip?  The electrical exam is a timed exam and you have roughly about 3 minutes per question.  If you are too hung up on question #5 and you spend a good chunk of time on it and still can’t figure it out, buddy you will be running out of time before you even had a chance at answering the easy questions.


If you do 3 passes of the exam, you will have the opportunity to answer the easy questions within a few minutes leaving you enough time to answer the ones you marked then spend more than 3 minutes per question on the hard ones.  Once you get to the third step and you see you still have some time to work on them, you will be less stressed and less likely to make silly mistakes like referring to the wrong table on the NEC or messing up on your math for calculation questions.  Yes, most of the questions that are skipped and left until the end are calculation questions.


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Thanks for reading & good luck!


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