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Electrical Exam Prep Tip #101- Read Answers

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Electrical Exam Prep Tip#101.  The electrical exam is open book.  This exam is also timed and multiple choice.  Out of the many types of tests that you can get, multiple choice is going to give you a higher chance of getting the correct answer even if you have to make a guess.

Some of these test questions will have 3 answers and also a "none of the above" or "all of the above".  We have a different blog post in regards to these types of questions.  Follow this link to read more about this electrical exam prep tip.

Here is an electrical exam prep tip that I give everyone that comes to our exam prep seminars in Texas.  

Always read not only the question itself, but also read ALL four of the ANSWERS. Often times the question itself does not contain enough information to be able to ascertain the correct article or location in the Code book, but the answers will be a good clue to where the correct answer can be found.

Some answers may be obviously wrong which you can just cross out.  Out of the remaining answers you can work backward to get the correct answer.  Be careful doing this with calculation or formula questions.  The electrical exam may have the most common wrong answers listed as an option.  They know that sometimes formulas and calculations are worked out with errors.

Electrical exam prep tip

The best way to get ready is by attending our seminars in Texas.  We cover this and all subject areas. If you can't join us, get your hands in as many practice exams so that you can study from home. Check out the next electrical exam prep tip in our blog.

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