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Exam Prep Question for the Electrical Exam

Exam Preparation Book Mike HoltThis question is from Mike Holt's  2014 Electrical Exam Preparation,

By Mike Holt for EC&M Magazine

Try your best to answer these questions without looking at the answers.
Q. What are the rules in sizing a supply side bonding jumper sized for parallel raceways?
A. If the ungrounded supply conductors are paralleled in two or more raceways or cables, the size of the supply-side bonding jumper for each raceway or cable is sized in accordance with Table 250.102(C)(1), based on the size of the largest ungrounded conductors in each raceway or cable [250.102(C)(2)].
Question: What size single supply-side bonding jumper is required for three metal raceways, each containing 400 kcmil service conductors?
(a) 1 AWG     
(b) 1/0 AWG     
(c) 2/0 AWG     
(d) 300 AWG
Table 250.102(C)(1).
Grounded Conductor, Main Bonding Jumper, System Bonding Jumper, and Supply-Side Bonding Jumper Alternating-Current Systems
Size of Largest Ungrounded Conductor Per Raceway
Size of Conductor or Bonding Jumper
Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum
2 or smaller
1/0 or smaller
1 or 1/0
2/0 or 3/0
2/0 or 3/0
Over 3/0 250 kcmil
Over 3/0 through 350 kcmil
Over 250 through 500 kcmil
Over 350 through 600 kcmil
Over 500 through 900 kcmil

Answer: (b) 1/0 AWG [Table 250.102(C)(1)]

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