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The only thing you can use for the electrical exam

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Did you know some states allow books like Ugly's guide in the testing center?? I know right?

But we are in Texas so we gotta play by those rules.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

To take the electrical exam, you are only allowed to use your 2020 NEC. Oh yeah, it has to be the softbound version. The hardcover is not allowed.

Since you only have one book - might as well learn how to use it to pass.

✔️Learn the table of contents

The table of contents is easier to scan and find articles in it.  Learn what each chapter is about so you can quickly find the articles related to your test questions.  Read this blog post for more info.

Texas Electrical Exam in Austin TX Pass the Test the first time Highlight Your NEC Book

✔️Highlight keywords not the entire text

For some reason people want to highlight the entire sentence.  This is only going to crowd your book and confuse you.  Only highlight the keywords inside the paragraph to help you flag the section down later.


When you are in the test center you won't have time to read every single word in the book.  But if a certain word pops up at you, you have a better chance of finding the right articles.


Your book will not be helpful to you if it is highlighted front cover to back cover.  You should see some white in it 😉

✔️Stick tab articles on the sides and tables tabs on the top

When you open your tab package you will see that you have tabs for articles and some for tables.  Arrange the tabs for the chapters and article on the right hand side of the book.  I would leave a bit of space in between each tab to make it easier to grab.  But skip adding the table tabs on that side.


To make it easier for you during the test, stick the table tabs on the top portion of the book!  Sometimes you'll have both table & article tabs for the same section.  If you have a table tab that you want make sure to locate later, like the appliances, highlight it!

✔️Each table has a corresponding article & notes, make note of that

If you see a table in the NEC  that means the table also has an article and notes. When you are getting information off a table make sure to read the article and notes it belongs to.  Some tables have specific instructions - make sure to read each carefully.

✔️Add pages to the articles you encounter in your study time and also in the index

When you flip to the back of the book, to the index section, you'll see that they don't have page numbers only articles.  To make it easier for you, write in page numbers.  If you are using a study guide or coming to our seminars, everything you see being studied, go to the index and write page numbers on them. For example, find Overhead Conductor Clearances in the index and write the page number next to it.



I hope this helps! If you already took your exam - pass this to someone who might need the help!

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