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The Current Geek: A Product Review

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Current geekThe moment I received the package from the distributor in the mail, I was very excited. I have this colored, spiral bound book with the content necessary for the exam prep. This book is handy on the field as well but I am using it specifically as an exam prep sidekick. Here are the top 3 things I use this book for:

#1. The online NEC search feature.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

This feature is a GODSEND! Although this book is not allowed in the examination room, this book is such a big help during study sessions. What I usually do is go through simulated exam prep questions (2014 Electrical Exam Preparation) then search for the keywords in the questions in the index, but when I’m short on time I use my Current Geek online Search feature then mark my code book on the index and article.

All you have to do is enter the keyword in the search bar, press enter, then you will see all the page numbers, articles, and even a pdf page of the actual NEC that you can download, print or just read on the screen. It is so easy to use this feature, there is no computer skills necessary or technical skills necessary.


derating screen shotMy keyword is "derating"- The search gives me the page number AND I can view the actual PDF of the NEC page.

#2. Calculators Online

The Current Geek has a number of calculators online that only members can access. When I do calculation questions, I try to work the problem myself then double check my work with the calculators online. I do this before I look up the answers at the back of the book. Not only do you have access to the calculators, but you also have access to everything related to that category; NEC pdf pages, calculators, code references, videos and more.

Calculators Online:

Conductors Ampacity
Ohm’s Law
Parallel Circuit
Series Circuit
Single Phase Apparent Power
Three Phase
Ohms Law

Ohms Law

Ohm's Law Calculator

#3. The Current Geek Book Itself

Not only is this book pocket sized but you can also access the online features with the QR code on the book. Just scan it and voila! The NEC in the palm of your hands. Here are some of the formulas printed in the book (there are more but for here are the most useful ones)

TheCurrentGeekThe Current Geek CoverElectrical Formulas

Conductor Ampacity Table
Conduit Fill
Box & Wireway Fill
Voltage Drop
More tables, calculations & formulas.




Finally, I am able to use dry/erase markers to make temporary notes in the book which is awesome cause I don’t always have something to write on when I’m looking over study material.

current geek dry eraseExcuse my bad pic, my phone has a very bad camera 🙁


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