Preparing for the Exam for Electricians

The #1 Mistake Electricians Make Preparing for the Exam

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If you are going after your electrical license and taking the test soon, make sure to get some practice questions that are specific to the exam.

Be aware, however, that when you take the practice exams don't get too hung up on the exact questions that you see. Don't focus on memorizing questions and answers.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Here is the #1 mistake electricians make when studying for their exam.

Over analyzing practice questions.

Test takers can learn quite a bit from their errors on mock test. We suggest you take the mock test as an outline to show you around the code book and as a way to see how the questions are written.

The electrical exam is administered by PSI Exams. They don't just give out 1 test or 1 set of questions. They rotate their questions and give you random tests.

Even with this random testing method, if you focus on learning the code book and the layout of the book, you have a huge advantage over the guy who memorized test questions.

So while you are taking practice questions, don't expect to see the exact wording on the test but do expect to see the category and articles later on.

Good Luck!

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