Texas Electrician License Examination

Texas Electrician License Examination Process

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Texas Electrician License Examination Process

Next I want to talk to you and review the Texas electrician license examination process.  The exam for the state of TX is contracted to PSI exams, they hold several locations in Texas.  PSI Exams holds locations nationwide as well. 

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


They are open Mon-Sat from 8 am to 5 pm, 8 to noon on Sat. You will need to register online.  When you log in click on gov’t, state license. Then follow the prompts. Click the link above for a step by step video on how to register and pay for the PSI exam.


Texas electrician license examination in Spanish

PSI Exams does offer the exam in Spanish for our Spanish speakers. But unfortunately the code book has not been printed in Spanish since 2008.  We try to help you guys but can’t guarantee that studying with an old version from '08 will guaranty any proven results.  


Texas electrician license examination registration

To register for the electrical exam, you have two options.  You can register online or by phone.  However, they prefer that you sign up online. You have this info on your free download of the Candidate Information Bulletin

Texas electrician license examination fee

Every time you take the exam it is a $78 fee, whether you take is once or ten times.  They don’t care how many times you have to take the exam before you pass it. So it is very important that you find a strategy like the one we teach in our seminars for your exam prep. 


You can find so many free resources online and we have a lot of them that can get you started. Doesn’t matter what you choose to work with, make sure you have the strategy, after the code book, the seminar is the most important tool you’ll need. 


This seminar will help save you tons of $78 fees for each try. So factor that in. You can go take the Texas electrician license exam and have high hopes and believe that you can get it done the first time around, and hope is good, but if you want to be smart about it strategize, strategize, strategize.  

Best of luck!


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