Study habits for the electrician license exam

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Study habits for the electrician license exam.

If you are procrastinating and putting the electrical exam prep to the side like a lot of us are doing, that just makes you human. But it is time to get up, pick up a few books and get cracking.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

I know this project seems daunting but with a little bit of help, organization and great study habits, you will pass this test.

Some guys put off studying for the electrical exam because they misjudge how long it'll actually take to absorb & understand the material.

Others feel the material is harder to get and just hide it out of view to check it out later when their head is in it.

But the problem with this is that time passes quickly and you end up facing your test date and still unprepared.

Improve your study habits for the electrical exam - here is how you can start.


4 Study Habits for the Electrical Exam

1. Get some motivation

Remind yourself exactly why you are taking this test. You are going after your journeyman license or your master license. Why? Because you want to earn more money. Or maybe because you plan to become your own boss someday.

Put sticky notes in your home or you truck to remind you what you stand to gain by passing the electrical exam.

2. Chunk it

No, I don't mean throw away your books and plans. I mean break down your project into smaller chunks. Instead of looking at the NEC book and read cover to cover, make a study plan. Then attack that plan line item by line item.

Overwhelming yourself looking at the big picture all the time is only going to paralyze you. If you already have your test date scheduled, decide how much of the material you need to study at one time.

Let's say you have 2 months to take the electrician test. Looking at your study plan you see that you can get through the study books or seminars in 6 weeks. That leaves you 2 weeks to go other any of the material you have problems with.

test answers

3. Reward yourself.

You can reward yourself with material things or experiences. For instance, you attend our seminar and complete the homework. Give yourself a break and do something fun you've been putting off. Then get back to it. When you complete another task on your study plan, reward yourself again.

Electricians studying for the electrical exam need quality food and exercise

4. Take care of your brain

Stressing yourself about the test is not going to help you retain much of what you learn. You have to take some time to let information sink into your brain. Rest and sleep so that you can work and study without burning out. When you sleep, you are allowing your brain to properly store into your memories what you've been studying.

I know a lot of us stay up late to finish projects or squeeze in some study time but if you are stressing yourself out instead of resting, you may just be wasting your time. By cutting back on sleep, you aren't giving your brain the chance it needs to retain the material.

Make sure you are eating healthy foods and exercising too.

If you start studying now, set up a study plan and follow it, you will have a greater chance of passing the electrical exam. Now, add to that a seminar and you'll be unstoppable.  Implement these study habits for the electrical exam, don't just read 'em and forget 'em!

You got this!

Prepare. Pass. Excel.

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