Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

Resting is an important part of studying for the electrical exam

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Studying takes a lot of toll on your brain. There are some calculations and formulas to memorize and understand for the electrical exam. You also have the challenge of putting together a solid study plan with little guidance to go by. This is why we offer seminars in Texas, to help you prepare for the exam.

Most electricians have probably dreaded studying for the electrical test. It is strenuous indeed, using all your mind's might to remember the details and important articles from the NEC.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

But there are easier, and brain-friendly ways how you can study without too much pressure.

Get comfortable when you are studying.

Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

If you have distractions or anything that makes you uncomfortable while you are trying to study, stop. Pushing your brain to work through distractions or stress is only going to make things worse.

Resting and taking breaks is going to help your brain work efficiently. Give your brain time to process what it took in so far, and come back when you can focus later.

Set time for short study sessions.

Even though we are already busy with work and our families, you still need to set time aside to study. You might think longer study sessions are better, but they are not.

Study daily for no more than one hour a day, and you'll actually retain more information than if you study for hours on end.

Don't force yourself to study if you are already stressed, impatient or tired.

State Electrical Exam Prep

Forcing your brain to take in new information when you are not mentally prepared will back fire on you. If you had a hard day and you're not feeling it, come back when you are feeling better or skip the day.

Take breaks from studying.

Austin Texas Electrical Exam Prep

If you study every day during the week, take one or two days off to rest. When you rest, be sure that you don't think about anything else. Resting and worrying about what you should really be doing isn't giving your brain a full rest.  Grab the family and get out of your regular work/home routine and visit new spots around town to re-discover. Or get away for a mini vacation if possible.

Put together a cohesive study plan to follow.

Give yourself ample time to study and stick with it. You study plan should include subjects and articles that the electrical exam is based on. Try to avoid articles that don't really have much to do with the test.

Our seminars in Texas include homework material that you can work on for two weeks after the seminar. Not only that but the seminar itself is loaded with all the information you need for the test. Learn more about the seminars here.

staying covid compliant for electricians in Texas

So, take a breather and study when you are ready. Slow and steady.

Thanks for reading!

Prepare. Pass. Excel.

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