Renew your license online for the year

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Renew your electrical license online.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Make the switch to online Continuing Education. Go at your own pace & stay home.  The best thing? You don't pay until it's time to report your hours with TDLR.  So, even if your hours aren't up yet, take a look at these classes for free.

  • 2020 NEC Changes, Safety, TX Laws
  • Commercial & Industrial Wiring (2020 NEC), Safety, & TX Law
  • Feeders & Branch Circuits
  • Installing Photovoltaic Systems
  • Installing Services (2020 NEC), Safety, & TX Law
  • Residential Dwelling
  • Residential Wiring (2020 NEC), Safety, & TX Law
  • Service Calculations for Dwellings

If you take these courses and want them reported to TDLR, you only pay $35.  These courses are given by Jade Learning.  You can get more information on their website here.


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Top tables for the TX PSI exam

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Top Tables to find, highlight, and tab for the TX PSI Exam - PDF

Seminars in Texas - Calendar

Learn about the exam prep seminars

This 2-day seminar will guide you step-by-step on the formulas, calculations, code sections, index practice, and guides that are essential knowledge for passing the exam.

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