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Live Seminars in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Midland and more!

Live Seminars in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Midland and more!

3 Practice Exam Sites You Should Check Out

Looking for online exam practice questions is hard when you are searching for free, current and applicable to the current exams. There are a lot of websites that sell you access to their database, with prices ranging from $9.99 and up.  The point of this blog was to find websites that provide you with a […]

8 more articles you must highlight for your electrical exam

8 More Articles You MUST Highlight for Your Electrical Exam

We can’t help it, we are just in the sharing mood.  Here are 8 more articles you must highlight in your National Electrical Code book for your electrical exam. If you missed our previous post with 18 Articles to highlight now, here is the link.  If you missed the other post titled “12 More Articles […]

Article 760- Free e-Book

Mike Holt has done it again.  Here is another generous gift from Mike Holt Enterprises.  Whether you are preparing for an exam or keeping “Current” (haha get it?) on the Code, download this Free Mike Holt Publication now. Free e-Book Article 760 Fire Alarm Systems, Article 760 is extracted from Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding […]

Disaster Strikes- TDLR Fast Tracks & Waives

  Our thoughts and prayer are with our neighbors here in Texas with all the historic flooding and tornadoes we are experiencing.  Now is the time to rise and help each other rebuild our lives and put this behind us.  With that in mind, TDLR is  providing fast-track services for individuals, facilities, and businesses located in the affected […]

Don’t Have a Website? Big Mistake

A website large or small is one of the most essential marketing mediums to have.  Regardless if you are a 1-man show or if you have a large company, your leads or clients want to see something about you.  Consumers are visual and the more you can show them the more likely they will hire […]

3 NEC Charts-Compilation for Electricians

  Today we are sharing with you 3 NEC Charts that James Boone from has graciously shared.     He has been researching over the years and has put together cheat sheets for us all to use.   “All of the things recorded in these charts are accumulated knowledge and research in many areas […]

5 NEC Questions Based on the 2014 NEC by Mike Holt

Hello all! In case you missed it, here are 5 NEC questions and answers by Mike Holt.   Want more?   For more NEC® practice ORDER Mike Holt’s 2014 NEC® Electrical Exam Preparation & Master (or Journeyman) Contractor Simulated Exam book bundle. Want to really understand the 2014 NEC®? Get up to speed with Mike Holt’s […]

12 More Articles to Highlight!

We are in the gift giving mood, here are some MORE articles to highlight on your NEC book. Remember to highlight based on the title of the article.   If you missed our previous post with 18 Articles to highlight now, here is the link. Tell your friends we are cool and you love us…share […]

#1 Priority for Contractor: Business Plans & Why You Need One

Business Plans & Why You Need One         Everyone in the business of business will ask, “If you were planning a road trip, would you travel without a map.”  The answer is often “No” (or so I hope).  If you are starting a business, would you start one without a plan?  Many people are […]

Table 250.102(C)(1) & Section 240.21 (A) &(B) Handbook -Freebie

Thanks to the NEC Connect for sharing Table 250.102(C)(1) and Section 240.21(A)&(B). Table 250.102(C)(1) Grounded Conductor, Main Bonding Jumper, System Bonding Jumper, and Supply-Side Bonding Jumper for Alternating-Current Systems. Click below to receive the free PDF and a supporting video excerpt from the NEC Training. To download the Table 250.102(C)(1), Click Here To download NEC Handbook […]