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NEC Code Questions In the Electrical Exam & Free Download

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NEC code questions in the electrical exam aren’t very different from state to state.

Understanding the NEC is your challenge in preparing for the electrical exam. This test is an open book test. You'll need to know how to quickly spot the Articles & tables in the NEC so you can answer the questions correctly. 

Some words and phrases used in the NEC may be foreign to you at first, but the more you study it, the better you'll get at it. It will take some effort and time on your part to get fast at finding keywords in the book.  You will become familiar with the way the book is organized. 

You can choose to use the NEC index or look through the table of contents to locate your references. (Hint: we always tell our students to learn the table of contents, it makes things much easier and faster).

Articles as NEC Code Questions

Electrical Feeder Questions

Some NEC code questions you will see in the exam are electrical feeder questions on articles

215 Feeders

230 Services

430 Motors, Motor Circuits, Controllers

440 Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment


Electrical Services, Service Equipment, and Separately Derived Systems.

Other NEC questions you will find are related to electrical services, service equipment, and separately derived systems.

General Equipment

You will find NEC code questions on General equipment on articles

240 Overcurrent Protection

408 Switchboards, Switchgear, and Panelboards

Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use

Service Calculations in Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes & RV Parks

You'll also see questions on service calculations in Mobile Homes manufactured homes and RV parks articles

550 Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home Parks

551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks

552 Park Trailers

Branch Circuit Calculations and Conductors

Another example of NEC code questions in the licensing exam will be branch circuit calculations and conductors questions.

210 Branch Circuits

220 Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations

Take your time and carefully read each article just to start to get used to it. MUST LEARN!!!

Motors & Generators

Some other questions will come from motors and generators articles

430 Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers

440 Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment

Chapter 7 Generators
*You will be able to quickly answer motor questions correctly finding Article 430.

Electrical Control Devices and Disconnecting Means

And you'll also see NEC code questions Relating to electrical control devices and disconnecting means.

240 Overcurrent Protection

Part IIIV of 230 Services - Underground Service Conductors

430 Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers


NEC Code Questions

There are many more types of questions that you will encounter. This is a small & brief study guide to give you an idea of where you can start.  There is more material and content to study.

To get a clearer idea of what to look for in the NEC code test download the PSI Bulletin.  Notice how even though you have the subject areas in the candidate you still need to break it down some more in order to know exactly what to study.

Also, download this practice exam book for free so you can start practicing on some NEC code questions.

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