How Well do you Know the NEC? Answer This Feeder Question in Under 3 Minutes!

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Feeder Question

Lots of guys get tricked in the PSI even on subjects they use on the field on the daily.  The PSI exam is a bit tricky to get through but having the right study plan can save you a lot of headaches.

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There are few types of questions including feeder questions you will encounter in the electrical exam.  Some are code questions, calculation questions and general knowledge questions.

When you are studying, you have to ask yourself what type of question you are answering and how to get the correct answer.  In the case of a code question, your job is to find the correct keyword that will take you to the article in the book that will provide the answer.  For example in this case, you already know this is a feeder question (so it should take you less than 3 minutes to answer).

If you come up to any questions you don't know or are having trouble finding, skip it.  Yup, that's right, mark it and move on to the next question.  The electrical exam is timed so you want to make sure you have a good chance at  answering all of the questions correctly before time runs out.

After you answer the rest of the questions, if you have time left, go back to the marked/skipped questions to look up the answer.  If you still don't know it, make an educated guess!

Feeder Question

Feeder Question Test yourself!

Code Question:
Feeders that supply branch circuits where EGC’s are required shall be installed in accordance with:

A. Article 250.122
B. Article 250.66
C. Article 250.32
D. Article 250.134

(Answer: Scroll to the very end of this blog post)

Here is an electrical exam prep tip that I give everyone that comes to our exam prep seminars in Texas:

Always read not only the question itself,
but also read ALL four of the ANSWERS.

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Feeder Question and Answer

Feeder question and answer for the electrical exam in Texas, the answer is D. 250.134

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