How using exam prep questions helps learn the NEC book

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With hundreds of practice exam prep books out there, who will you know which ones will have the questions that will appear in the actual exam you will be taking in a few months?  What if you buy one and none of the questions are in the electrical exam? What if it’s not specific for the state electrical exam you are taking.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

To that I say, don’t worry about it.  Seriously don’t. The exam creators and the board behind the electrical licensing have been evolving and developing these exams for decades.  The exams are written and re-written, amended and updated every few months or so. At this rate the only to see the exact questions that will be in your specific electrical exam is to be there at the exam taking it.  No two exams will be identical. The electrical exams have a bank of questions from which they pull random questions that fall under the categories set forth by the electrical licensing board. For example in the state of Texas, there are 10 categories in the Journeyman electrical exam.


Each category has a set number of items that you will see in the exam.  For example, there will be 5 questions on Motors and Generators. So running around in circles trying to find the perfect electrical exam prep study guide for your particular exam is not only a waste of time you could be using to study for your exam but it can be expensive as well!


What is the point of buying a study guide if the questions won’t be the same anyway?  Well, first, you want to see what categories are included in the exam prep book you are looking to buy to make sure you will get to see similar questions as those of the exam.  Second, as you study, you will come to learn to use your NEC book and will learn where specific articles and tables are located in the book. You will be able to highlight important keywords, articles, sections, notes, and more.  Additionally, the NEC does not add page numbers to the index in the back of the book, now is the perfect time to start adding page numbers next to the most needed terms as you study.


There are a few free tools you already have to help you create your study plan:

  1. You HAVE to download the candidate information bulletin, without it you’ll be studying randomly without directions.  The bulletin will list the categories, number of scored items, time limits and all the information you will need to sign up and take the exam.
  2. We have a lot of blogs and articles in this website to show you how to create a solid study plan.  These are FREE!
  3. We have a few freebies for you to download as a pdf file that include free practice exam questions and tips for the electrical exam.  Download them now...they are also FREE.
  4. If you are the type of person who learns better by sitting in a classroom with a knowledgeable instructor, sign up for our 2 day live seminar.  These classes have helped thousands of men and women who have attended. They are 100% guaranteed and if you do fail, we are there with you until you pass. (that’s part of the deal, we don’t charge you to return if you fail.)  You also go home with 2 week’s worth of study material/homework and the instructor’s personal cell phone in case you have any questions.
  5. If investing in a seminar is not in your budget, get yourself the NEC book, a study guide and different color highlighters. Lock yourself up in a room everyday for 1 hour, download the candidate bulletin, follow us on Facebook for tips and exam prep updates and study study study.


You got this!

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