How to Alleviate Stiff Joints From Working on the Field

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Stiff joints.

Working for hours on the field can come with some joint stiffness. Instead of simply relying on pain killers to mask the issue, there are ways to recover and prevent future stiffness.

Before you hit the couch and a nice cold beer, do some trigger pointing and some stretches for relief. Repeat them in the morning before work and you’ll be a little more protected during the day.

Here is a playlist on YouTube with stretches and exercises curated just for you! Subscribe so you can get alerts when new videos come out.


Here are the best articles to read if you are a stiff joint sufferer.

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There are many pills and supplements you can take for joint health. Here are the ones recommended by Corrective Exercise Specialist Rafael Ortiz from Rafael PT Fitness in Austin, TX.
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Muscle spasms happen when you aren’t eating the right foods, not resting enough, or even from working in the field.
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For exercises, stretches, and SMR techniques, check out these blog posts.

We know how it feels to live with back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. Making a living to provide for our families shouldn’t cost you your body. If you are in the Austin area, contact Rafael PT Fitness for joint pain relief. Tell them we sent you for a free session!

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