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Get Better Electrical Exam Results in 3 Steps

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Whether you have taken the test before or not you can get better electrical exam results by following these 3 simple steps.  The exam is a bit tricky even with the use of the NEC book. Since the book is massive you will have to find ways to maximize its potential for help.  You’ll want to do this by taking practice exams, enrolling in a seminar course and marking your NEC book.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Improve exam results by taking practice exams

The first thing you have to do is pick up a practice exam book and start studying.  This gives you an idea of what to look for in the electrical test so you can get better results.  The practice exams helps you become familiar with the NEC because you will be flipping around looking for answers.  Be careful! Do not waste your time memorizing questions this will not help improve exam results.

Taking seminars/classes help with exam results

When you are looking for a seminar or a class watch for a few things.  Look for seminars that are specific to the electrical exam you are taking.  Also, find instructors who will actually teach you the material instead of asking you to memorize answers.  Taking classes to prepare for the electrical exam will give you several advantages.  For one, you'll narrow down what articles and tables to focus on for the electrical test.  When you take the seminar, take notes and highlight them in different colors for each idea. For example, notes on calculations can be yellow and notes on formulas can be green etc.

Marking your NEC books for better exam results

Make sure to visit PSI Exams or ICC Exams to see exactly what code book is allowed for your electrical exam.  In Texas, the latest book is usually adopted by September of the next year, for example, the 2017 was adopted on September 2018.

There are many tabs in the market that are designed for the NEC book.  Make sure to check with the examiner’s website to see what version is allowed.  The general consensus is the tabs must be permanently attached to the pages, not post-it notes!  This simple hack improves exam results.

The NEC book is allowed to be marked with light notes and highlighters.  Make sure to only highlight keywords and tables and notes in the book, do not highlight your book from front cover to back cover.  We have many blogs with tips on how to highlight your book, type highlight in the search bar and those will pop up.  This trick helps you get better exam results.


I hope these tips have helped you start preparing for the electrical exam.  If you are looking for a way to pass your master electrical exam or your journeyman electrical exam on the first try, check out the electrical exam prep course on this site.


Best of luck!

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