feeders and branch circuit course for your ceu hours to renew your electrical license

Feeders and Branch Circuits Explained – 4 CE Units

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Feeders and Branch Circuits


Electricians in Texas are required to renew their license each year.  Jade Learning provides electricians with online CEU courses. You can take them on your own time and from the comfort of your home.


The cost of the Feeders and Branch Circuits Course

The beauty of this CEU course is that this class is free to take! Yup, you don’t pay anything up front.  Note that in order for Jade Learning to record your CEU hours with TDLR, it will cost you the typical fee of $35. (at the time of this article)

Here is a Brief Summary of What This Course Covers

In this video course you’ll be looking at feeders and branch circuits.  You will review some of the definitions for what a feeder is in article 100 as well as branch circuit. You’ll also review the definition of some conductors that are not feeders. 


You’ll look at dwelling unit feeders and specifically at dwelling unit feeders covered by 310.15(B)(7). These are feeders that carry the entire load of the dwelling unit.


Also, you'll look at non-dwelling feeders that supply a combination of non-continuous and continuous load.


There will be a  review on temperature correction and ampacity adjustment factors in 310.15.  Included is over-current protection requirements for feeders in 215.3 and generally over-current protection requirement in 240.4 for conductors.


 Finally, you’ll look at the installation requirements for typical wiring methods used with feeders including residential feeders and commercial feeders.


This feeders and branch circuit video course is worth 4.00 hours of electrical continuing education approved for Texas. 


Topics are based on the 2017 NEC including: 

  • dwelling unit feeders
  • feeder overcurrent protection
  • feeder wiring methods
  • feeders to swimming pool equipment panelboards
  • feeders at other than dwelling units
  • ampacity adjustments
  • feeder installation requirements
  • dwelling unit branch circuits


Also covered are safety according to NFPA 70E and Texas laws and administrative rules.

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Not in Texas? 

That’s ok, Jade Learning covers all the states that require CEU’s, click here to see the list of courses in your state.


Remember that your renewal deadline is every year before the license expiration date.  If you decide to go for the feeders and branch circuit course let us know how it goes!


Thanks for reading!


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