electrician test in Texas

Electrician Test in Texas – Definitions, Calculations, Theory, & Plans

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Electrical test in Texas Section I Breakdown

Here is our suggested study outline for the PSI exam bulletin outlined items in section one. This section matches the first line item from PSI Examination Bulletin for test contents.

Side note:  If you have previously taken your electrical test in Texas, you can use the breakdown we cover in our seminars to assist you in concentrating in only the areas that you performed poorly on.

Electrician Test in Texas

Electrician Test in Texas  Section I

Definitions, Calculations, Theory, and Plans, make sure to read, learn and understand the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with Article 100 "Definitions" and also watch for definitions at the beginning of many articles in the NEC®. Make sure to Tab this article as well.
  • Review basic electrical theory, to include DC, AC differences.
  • Review the basics of Ohm’s law.
  • Understand basic prints that might contain Panel schedules, Feeders/one-line diagrams, power prints, lighting prints.

Electrical Test in Texas Passing Score

As of now, the master electrician exam has at least 7 questions from this section. The journeyman electrician exam has about 6.  Remember that to pass the master or the journeyman electrician exam you must score a 70% to pass.

Electrician Exam Schedule

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Electrical test in Texas

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