Electrician Study Course in Dallas TX Jan 18 and 19 2020

Electrician Study Course In Dallas, TX January 18 & 19, 2020

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Effective October 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the

2023 NEC Code Book

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It’s time for another electrician study course in Dallas Texas where we teach you everything you need to know to pass the PSI exam.


January 18 & 19, 2020 

8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Master electrical exam $349.99

Journeyman electrical exam $299.99




All of our students PASS the exam!  If you don't pass, we stick with you until you do.


Know the Answers

We take the mystery out and give you simple ways to navigate through the exam.  This electrician study course is designed to focus specifically on the subject areas included in the state exam.  


You will go home with 2 weeks' worth of homework to keep practicing what you learned.  If you have questions, you’ll have access to the instructor’s cell phone for instant help!


Electrician Study Course Tip #1


If you talk to other guys that have taken the test before they will tell you that you will see some really odd things in the test.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


This happens because they want to know how good you are at finding information in the NEC Book.  They are testing on how good you are at knowing how to use the information from several different parts of the NEC.  


In this electrician study course, we teach you how to find the information you need from tables and charts and more.


The test is highly mathematical using formulas and calculations.  These are all covered in the seminar as well.


In the testing center, you’ll get a site plan of something like a shopping center with multiple different things set ups and buildings. Your job will be to try to figure out if you know how to identify the different set ups.


There is a method to taking and passing the exam.  This is exactly what we teach you in our seminars.


Electrician Study Course Tip #2


This test is timed.  You have to answer each question in under 3 minutes.


So keep that in mind. If you spend more than 3 minutes on one question, you're going to get yourself in trouble.  Did you know that the questions that you leave unanswered count AGAINST you?


At the end of the exam, if you have questions that you haven't answered you get every one of them wrong.  We have seen people fail tests when they run out of time even if they get everything right that they answered.


So what I recommend people do is for you to go through the test over 3 times.  What you're trying to do at this point is you're trying to familiarize yourself with the test. This will get you a snapshot of the entire test.


1st run through: As you go through the entire test, answer the ones you know are correct. I wouldn't spend any more than a minute on these questions.  If you can spend 30 seconds on a question and you know that you're going to get it right answer it. 


As you go through the test start marking/tabbing the answers you know you can't answer right away.


2nd run through: Start going through the questions that you marked on the first run and spend maybe two to three minutes answering these. If you're taking longer than three minutes move on to the next marked question 


3rd run through: By the third time you run through the exam, you should still have plenty of time to go over the few questions you were not able to answer on the previous run through and that will save you time. 


So come on over to our electrician study course where we can teach you many other tips and hacks.  We pay special attention to the layout of the code book. You’ll also see a lot of practice questions that are very similar to the PSI exam.


Thanks for reading!

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